GroundWorkx was founded on the idea that not all Landscaping/ Lawn Care companies need to be the same. At GroundWorkx, we strive to be different, and that difference is something you can see in the work we do, our customer service, and our mission.

GroundWorkx was started by Derek Toews and Matt Campbell, who have both been on the road in the music business for the last 5 years. When Derek decided he didn't want to travel anymore, Matt saw a prime opportunity to start GroundWorkx, as he use to own and operate this same type of business growing up in Virginia. With a few quick emails, they were up and rolling with some friends as their first clients. Since then, the business has been steadily growing as they continue to develop new ways to make the business friendly and practical for the customer.

"Our first priority is to provide the VERY BEST services possible, for a great price. We will always be reachable and ready to discuss any needs or questions you might have", Matt says. "And you won't find another Landscaping company offering what we are with the Mocha Club. Its so very important to us to use what we do to help others. As a client of GroundWorkx, you have the opportunity to be a part of something great, for no extra cost or effort to you. We think thats pretty awesome." Get in touch with GroundWorkx today and see the difference for yourself!


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